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  • Made from Genuine US Currency
  • Precision Cut and Individually Inspected
  • Essential Prop for Powerful Effects

Save 10% by buying the 3-bill combo pack!


This is the same $1 mismade bill you'll find included with our Four Quarters DVD. Instructional material is NOT included when you purchase the mismade bill separately. Use these for replacements, or if you already know a mismade effect.

Imagine borrowing a dollar bill from a spectator and turning it inside out before their eyes. You let the spectator examine the bill, and then return it to its original form. From the moment you ask to borrow the bill your audience is invested, emotionally and financially.

There is nothing more powerful than magic done with borrowed objects, particularly money. Originally conceived by P. Howard Lyons in the 1950s, and later popularized by James Lewis, the Mismade Bill is a long-standing classic of magic. The New York Magic Project is proud to offer you our own line of mismades in the classic $1 denomination, as well as $2 and $5 versions.

Each bill is precision-manufactured from genuine US currency to exacting standards and individually inspected. These are the best mismade bills on the market at an unbeatable price! Our bills are made from genuine US currency* for a crisp feel with smooth, sharp edges.

*The Mismade Bill is for entertainment/novelty purposes only, and should not be spent. The bill does not include instructions for handling or presentation. We recommend Magick Balay's Four Quarters DVD for an amazing and easy Mismade Bill routine.

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