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  • Limited First Edition of 5,000 Decks
  • World's First Reverse Index Bicycle Deck
  • Classic Rider Back Design
  • Bonus Gaff Cards
  • A New Tool For Card Workers

2nd edition coming July 17th 2013 exclusively to:


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Produced exclusively for NYMP by the United States Playing Card Company, the Lefty Deck opens a new realm of possibilities for card enthusiasts. The reverse indices allow for tricks, gaffs, and flourishes that were never before possible, for both right- and left-handed card workers.

For the first time ever the Lefty Deck makes possible a natural peek, fan, or spread for left-handed users, and unique reverse spreads and fans for right-handed users. Card workers, manipulators, and flourishers will appreciate these new abilities.

Gaff lovers will also benefit from the Lefty Deck. The cards are printed with normal Bicycle backs on normal Bicycle stock, so they will disappear into a standard deck for astonishing color changes and reveals.

NYMP has developed the deck with an eye for detail. We've added a few bonus features, expanding this new deck's abilties even further.

All four reverse index 8's and three of the Aces are natural mirror images of regular Bicycle cards. To complete the set of Aces we've included a bonus Ace of Spades. In addition to the reverse index Ace of Spades, we've also printed a special version in full mirror image, including backwards text. This special card has never appeared anywhere else, and will have dozens of applications by itself.

The Jokers are riding in a new direction, and the deck includes a blank-faced card as an additional bonus.

The Lefty Deck is printed in the USA on authentic Bicycle card stock with USPCC’s tried and true Air Cushion finish. The deck utilizes the iconic standard Rider Back design.

The Lefty Deck's limited First Edition is printed only in red backs. This unique and highly-collectible deck won’t last long. Own one today!

Check out these free performance ideas to get the most out of your Lefty Deck.


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